Pastor Mark Smith

Born on November 3rd, 1954, I was the sixth of six children born to Charles and Wanda Smith. Raised in south central Washington State, I left home in grade nine to attend a Lutheran High School and Junior College in Portland Oregon

During my final year in high school, I met the most beautiful first year student in college, Darlene Sharp. We were married two years later. After Darlene finished Junior college, we moved to St. Paul, Minnesota to complete our college education. From there, along with first son Tim, we moved back to south-central Washington where I received a call to serve as grade 7/8 teacher.
Two years later, along with Tim and now Jacob, we moved to Pocatello, Idaho. There I served as teacher, youth leader, and later as principal. Another call took us to Bremerton, Washington, where we lived for 16 years. The first five were as principal of a Lutheran school; the last eleven were as a financial advisor for a Lutheran financial service organization. While in Bremerton, the family gained two daughters-in-law, Melissa and Andrea, and a grandson, Nathan.

In 2006, we sold our home and moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I attended Concordia Theological Seminary. In 2008, we moved to Vista, California where I served as vicar at Faith Lutheran Church.

In 2009, upon completing my theological education I was assigned to serve as pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort McMurray, Alberta. We'd never heard of the place, and had no idea of the adventure that awaited us there. For 4 112 years, I served the good people at Trinity and Darlene was able to work with a great group of people at a bank called Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB). While in Fort McMurray serving the unique, diverse, multi-cultural population, we enjoyed snow-shoeing, the theatre, the wonderful library, walks, and watching the traffic on Fort McMurray's main street from our dining room window.

God has now called us to serve you, here in this most beautiful place called Parksville. He knows why He's called me here and, in His good pleasure, it will all be revealed in time. I thank Hirn for so carefully watching over all of us through time, you and me and my family, and pray that our time together will be richly blessed.