Listening Informing Networking Showing Kindness Supporting through transitions

LINKS Support is available for people at Our Saviour Lutheran Church.

What is it?? Working with our Pastor and Elders, we'll respond with love, care and support, to people who are looking for assistance in times of need or crisis. The responses of course will vary, from assistance with visiting and home-help, offering meals and rides, listening and caregiving, linking to resources. We don't want someone to feel alone when needs arise or changes occur during times of stress, poor health, aging, crisis or transition. LINKS support will be short term, as we help connect people with resources that assist long term.

We've compiled a Community Resources Binder which is at the church office. Elders and coordinators will use it when helping people with the services and programs needed. We've gathered information related to many circumstances, from youth to senior, and in areas of health, social, emotional and recreational services.

A LINKS Coordinator will respond in confidence, to the person's request, Coordinators are a small group of trusted, experienced people who have been approved to be a first responder within our church community. The coordinators will arrange for volunteers to help out. LINKS coordinators are: Jeanette Domes, Eileen Hebert, or Church Office (Carol Zielke).

Volunteers are available now and ready to offer their service. We are looking for more who will take part as a need is presented by the LINKS coordinator to them. Many are already offering themselves in various ways, so LINKS is another facet in our congregation of 'people helping people'.

Could you use this help, or is there someone that you might encourage to use LINKS?